About Brittany


Don’t let the sterling silver and high heels fool you.

Brittany Belsterling is an adrenaline junkie who loves the thrill of PR. From hands-on boutique agencies to nationally recognized agencies and clients, Brittany has mastered the art of embodying her clients’ brands and thinking like a journalist to share her clients’ story. Her proactive approach to PR and crafting stories before they are “news” results in not only top headlines and viral media coverage, but strong relationships with local and national media key media, too. The hand-crafted combination has earned her clients’ stories in top media outlets throughout the U.S., including, AP, Politico Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, USA Today, NPR, The Washington Post, The LA Business Journal, Arizona Republic, and television stations, radio stations, and lifestyle publications in various markets.  

You name it, she’s done it. Brittany has worked with clients in a multitude of industries including health care, legal, telecommunications, education, real estate, cannabis, hospitality, health and beauty, fitness, and food and beverage.

She is passionate about her clients; she immerses herself into each client’s specific industry to drive results…and her client’s bottom line (all while eating too much chocolate and dancing to 80’s music).

She isn’t afraid to get dirty. When she isn’t polishing brands, Brittany gets her adrenaline rush on her dirt bike and jet-ski. She is an Arizona native with Tennessee roots and graduated from Arizona State University.